Sunday, April 20, 2008

To Yankee Stadium! We're going to see the Pope!!!!

Sometimes, when I am excited, I have a hard time falling asleep. I'm a bit like a child, I suppose. This morning, I have risen at about 4 am, after getting less than 6 hours of slumber - and now I must pack our breakfast and supper and shower to get ready to head to New York City for the day. We have been looking forward to this day for weeks, since we got word that we won the lottery. The ticket lottery, so we will be blessed to celebrate mass with Pope Benedict XVI this afternoon at Yankee Stadium.
I am so amazed at how God has blessed us since we came to this part of the country. We knew He wanted us here, and it is pretty cool that we get to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event. I'm bringing a little notebook, so maybe I'll take a few moments throughout the day to record my immediate thoughts and feelings and come back here and share them with you tomorrow.
I'll pray for you today - and your intentions.